Monday, November 29, 2010

Mia Cucina

I want to share with you a look inside my humble little kitchen and some of the sweet and quirky little things I love about it. 

I have been a busy bee during the last week, spring cleaning in preparation for Christmas.  I don't know what put the bee in my bonnet about cleaning, but I did it from top to bottom.  I can't say that it didn't hurt - the kitchen and myself included.  It was so nice to see everything sparkle when I was finished.

I believe ovens are meant for cooking, not cleaning.  When you are wearing gloves that go up to your armpits and you are spraying caustic foam around it is not a good thing.  With all the bending, stretching and contorting, I felt like I needed to see my physiotherapist after I was done.  (Like I need an excuse to see my physiotherapist - he is gorgeous!)  Now that my oven is clean, I can't stop looking at it like it is going to do something magical now that it is clean.  I am reluctant to cook in it, but I know that will wear off soon enough.

Now I know this is not everyone's definition of a great weekend, but last weekend I went on a salvage hunt at the local tip.  They have a recycling depot where they sell things that can be re-sold.  Now it isn't Bloomingdale's, but you can find some really sweet vintage things out there.  (Notice I justify purchasing junk by calling it 'Vintage').  I bought a 4 drawer dresser which really should be for clothing, but I think it has found its place in my kitchen.  It is perfect for all my mismatched tea set items, ramekins, plates and things that I don't use all the time.  It helped free up more space in my cupboards to allow me to buy more junk! 

Of all the things I am addicted to, my favourite thing would be candlelight.  I have a penchant for lanterns.  I love them.  I really enjoy the glow that candles give, rather than the harsh glow of a light bulb.  Candles are soft and romantic and can transport you to another place - I have lots of hanging lanterns out on my patio which I enjoy in the summer with a mojito and lots of mosquitoes.  My new lust-worthy items to show off to you are these wonderful Moroccan style glass star lanterns.  They are so sweet - plus I can colour coordinate for Christmas or just for all-year round.

Speaking of Christmas, I love decorating my house for Christmas - kitchen included.  I mean, if you are going to spend lots of time in the kitchen making food for yourself and the people you love, it might as well look fun and festive!  I bought some beautiful decorations from Crate and Barrel in New York last month and they are right at home on my pot rack.  I especially love the mini-utensil deco.

I love collecting tea-towels.  I think nothing brightens up a dull and boring hob like a deliciously bright and cheerful tea-towel.  I have nicknamed this my 'gay pride' tea towel (hence the colours).  It is just so yummy and bright, like candy.  It makes me smile whenever I look at it.

I am so lucky to have a really clever Dad who can make things out of my visions.  (It is fun to ask him just to hear him say 'Bloody Hell!')  He made my butcher's block for me a few Christmas's ago from a big old salvaged chopping board I found.  I love it.  It is great for all sorts of things, from giving me a little extra bench space, to serving as a nook for a quick breakfast, or simply decorating it with beautiful flowers. 

One thing I have found indispensable in the kitchen is my netbook.  It is almost a permanent fixture.  I love being able to look up recipes or to play music while I cook.  Sometimes I even blog while I'm cooking.  I would be lost without it. 

So there you have it, my little cucina.  I just re-read this entry before posting and I realise I sound like Martha Stewart...  'It's a good thing'.  Only you won't find most of my items for purchase at Macy's.  Sorry!  You will have to scavenge, hunt, beg, borrow, steal and barter like I do!

Until next time...

Kitty xx

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  1. I love seeing the inside of your home. Lifestyles of the Rich and Decadent Meals. :-)