Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I get excited about home made anything.  I love a home cooked dinner, made with love and shared.  I love the smell of home baked bread - it is so warm and comforting and instantly sets off butterflies of anticipation - especially of it slathered with butter and home made preserves.

In my own perfect little world I would be so home spun.  I already get taunted by my peers about how much 'time' and 'effort' I put into my cooking.  I enjoy having 'too much time on my hands' to make my own delicious things, even if it does make me come across as a smug 1950's housewife!  

I made a promise to myself as a teen that I would learn how to cook before I left home.  I was very lucky to have family (especially my older brother, Wayne) who instilled in me an interest in food.  I was determined not to be one of these kids who moved out of home and lived on 40 cent packets of no-name dehydrated noodles.  I wanted to eat good food that was affordable and healthy that I could prepare myself where possible.

Even now I keep my shopping habits very restrained.  I will buy the ingredients to make cakes, rather than buying a cake and so on.  OK so I am a little self-righteous and frugal but I like that my cart is full of fresh and healthy ingredients.  (I know you will forgive my 'Sleasy Mac' indiscretions).

The upshot for me is that I really do enjoy cooking - so it is not a chore.  I get excited about what I am going to cook and when and even where!  I am lucky that I am able to say that cooking is my outlet and it is something I love to do.

It's great is when you have friends who love to cook.  The joy is contagious.  I love sharing recipes and food with friends who I know really appreciate it themselves.  I get excited when people share the same with me.  (Louie, I can't wait to sample your 'Hand Picked, Home Brined' Claire Valley Olives).

By the way, I have to overcome my latest obsession -  With the $AUD above parity with the Greenback, I am looting their supply of cookbooks.  It is nice to be able to cash in for once to feed my inspiration.

Until next time...

Kitty xx

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