Sunday, December 18, 2016

Fo drizzle

I have a thing for maple syrup.  I love to enrobe everything (almost) I eat under a golden cloak of its sweet, sticky goodness.

I remember it was when McDonalds first started serving breakfast in Australia that I became aquainted with what I 'believed' to be maple syrup; deep tubs of which I would dump over steamy, bicarb soda scented hotcackes, with lashings of meagre pats of whipped butter.  I was a kid and I was in love.  I couldn't get enough.  It was shit, but what did I know?  It was sugar and it was sweet and I wanted it every chance I could get.  

It wasn't until I moved out of home and into the real world, I realised that this syrup that I was gorging myself on, Agustus Gloop style, was in fact, a flavouring.  A lie. A delicious, preservative and chemically composed attempt at flavour-faking that I had believed all along was what maple syrup was. 

I didn't feel wronged or betrayed, rather, it made me curious to know what the real deal tasted like.  At the time if I recall, I was working 2 evening shifts cleaning at a mall while I studied, I had rent to pay, dogs to feed and bills that didn't quit, along with a credit card spending habit that rivalled the national debt, so when I saw that the real deal was going to set me back $9.50, understandably I baulked and resolved to buy the affordable fake version until I could justify an almost $10 purchase for something to drizzle over my rubbery, crappy pancakes.  I got to thinking that maybe maple syrup might have to be my 'Death Row Dinner'. 

In true 'Me' style, I ended up dropping a 'F--k it' and went back to the condiment isle, swapping the flavouring for the real stuff, justifying the purchase with my usual 'I'm worth it' reasoning.

I gotta say since having pure maple syrup I don't want anything else.  I love it on pancakes, french toast, in a hot toddy, over bacon, on ice cream, in milkshakes... whatever union I pair this stuff with, it just works.  I can't wait to try it in a nougat parfait  I saw on Food Network this past week.  Delicious!
So without fluffing on any further I present my breakfast of yesterday... Brioche toast with banana and maple syrup.  So delicious, so sweet and so good.  No recipe required - it is just buttered toasted brioche with banana and syrup.  Easy.

The only conundrum I am left with now is my search for the best and finest maple syrup I can buy.  I have been researching but not yet sampling.  Could it be from Vermont? Or do the Canadians do it better?  I don't know yet but I am sure it will be fun and delicious to find out.  For now I must go shop and purchase another bottle to glaze my Christmas ham with.  

Until next time...
Kitty xx

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