Saturday, September 10, 2016

A very long hiatus!

Well hello and how are things?

I have so much to tell you.  It has been a while between drinks!  Too long in fact, but as they say in the classics... well I really don't know what they say in the classics.

On Thursday I was contemplating my navel and talking to a friend about my much-loved food blog and that I had not visited for some time.  Life got in the way and with losing my two beautiful dogs who were not only my world, but a big part of this blog made me lose touch with my love of cooking and if I am being completely open and honest here, pretty much everything.

Things have changed and I have a new little friend, along with a fresh new perspective, home, and well, life really!
It's Monty!
I thought long and hard about continuing the blog (since Friday - so that is about as long and hard my thinking processes go) as I weighed up the pros and cons of continuing my original blog vs starting fresh but I love this blog and it is really a part of me.

My blogs may be sporadic as currently I am really busy with my work as a designer and artist.  A girl's still gotta eat though, so for the times when I make something as 'hand on my heart' delicious as I used to blog about, I will!

So for now,  thanks for stopping by!

Until next time...

Kitty xx

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