Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Corn Cakes @ Canteen

One of my favourite meals to enjoy 'out' is breakfast.  I love it more than going out for dinner.  It was my day off and once again I found myself at Canteen.  (Some people go to India to find themselves - I go to restaurants, go figure).  Canteen is my favourite little 'find' for breakfast and brunch.  Along with the delightful food, they do seriously good coffee and the service is fantastic. 

I was able to sit in the nook by the window, so I sat with my paper and my espresso and watched the world go by.  One thing I am not shy about is dining solo.  The downside is that there is only one plate of food and I miss the sharing.  I saw the owners of my other favourite restaurant having breakfast sitting outside - so this reassured me that the food must be good if chefs eat here.

The special was crepes with blueberry compote and lemon curd.  I really enjoyed the last sweet breakfast that I had there - French toast brioche with banana, but this time I felt like something savoury.  I told the waitress that I was undecided over the crepes and the corn cakes.  She said that the corn cakes were her favourite item on the menu.  I ordered them on her recommendation and I was not disappointed.

On the plate were 3 generous corn cakes, along with bacon, slow roasted tomato, guacamole and rocket.  The guacamole was a nice addition to the corn cakes, as was the bacon.  The tomatoes were so deliciously sweet, I could have eaten a whole plate of them alone.  I also liked the balsamic reduction that was drizzled around the plate.  It added a nice acid sweetness that was so in harmony with the tomatoes... Oh yummy...

The waitress asked me if I was enjoying my breakfast - I had no words other than 'MMMMM!'  I am absolutely certain I will order this dish again.

Meanwhile, I had a go at making my own corn cakes over the weekend.  They were really good only for the fact that I am still kicking myself for forgetting to buy baby Italian tomatoes to roast as an accompaniment... 

The recipe I developed is just a basic pancake batter made savoury with a good hit of Tabasco and a little finely diced shallot.  I added corn kernels and seasoned with salt and pepper.  If you need a more detailed recipe, just let me know. 

Until next time...

Kitty xx

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