Monday, May 3, 2010

Ho l'acquolina in bocca

Translation - My mouth is watering.

The idea behind this blog is for me to share with you the things that get me excited about food.  The things that make me salivate and want to rush to the kitchen and create something special.

Food means so many things to me.  It is my way of sharing a part of me with the people I love and care about.  It is a way for me to express myself and my creativity. It is a comfort, it is nurturing and it is my relaxation.

My style of cooking is not fancy.  It can be anything from slow braising to a quick throw together.  Basically, I cook what I like to eat. 

I work part time so I try to be as economic and (depending on what side of pay day we are at) as frugal as I can.  I buy fresh, local produce wherever possible and try to make the best of what the seasons have to offer.

I love to cook especially to have leftovers.  These have been a salvation to me many a time, for work lunches, easy 'heat and eat' dinners and for those times when I just cannot face the kitchen.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and I welcome any recipes or ideas you might have.  I am excited about sharing my love and passion of food with you, and I hope you might be inspired to share with me too.

Until next time...

Kitty x


  1. Congrats on the start of your new endeavor. May you leave everyone else's mouth watering just slightly less than you leave mine. *smooch*

  2. (Slightly LESS!? SO Unfair, Matt! :-P )

    Miss Kitty Kuisine,

    This DOES seem like your Passion, so it will be exciting to read your posts, especially since I Love to eat!

    Who knows... Maybe your Enthusiasm will rub off on me and I'll actually turn the oven in my apartment from "just another counter top" to an Actual Cooking Device (which would then allow me to "season" the wok I bought months ago and actually USE the damn thing)! LOL

  3. Hey! Are those actual pictures from your home? If so, your home must really be something of a "Foodie Sanctuary!" :-)

  4. Andy, if you need help seasoning your wok, I can help you - and yes, I am planning on adding all of my own photographs, wherever possible. I have a wonderful collection of kitsch items that take pride of place and are strangely indispensable in my kitchen. A result of many trips to the thrift store!