Friday, August 17, 2012

Out of Hibernation

Winter.  There are good things about you and the things I don't like so much.  I like the fact that I can use you as an excuse to wear short skirts and cover up my pasty legs with black tights and still feel so fresh, so chic.  I like that my dogs who snuggle with me all four seasons are more welcomed when it is a cold night and we share it on the sofa watching television.  I don't like it so much when they need to go outside before bedtime and I am hopping from one foot to the other in a ridiculous beanie and my pajamas.

There are a couple of weeks left of winter, but we are starting to feel the welcome of a glorious spring.  My garden is looking pretty and has lots of pops of colour (more so from me buying instant potted colour from the nursery but, whatever!) and my bones are thawing out, thus making it easier to heave-ho and get out of bed without feeling bitterness and resentment about having to go to work or simply, on the weekend, just having to get out of bed.

This morning was the first morning in months where I bounced out of bed and did something other than grumble.  I went to the beach and did some exercise, which I thought at first was going to kill me, but I am glad I did it.  I feel good about myself and when you feel good about yourself, well, everything else seems to fall into place. 

As a reward for good behaviour, I treated myself (for the second time this week - oh shock, horror!) to breakfast.  Breakfast is one of those lovely things I like to do because, well I'm worth it.  I love eating out, but I think most of all, eating out during the day is more enjoyable for me.  I guess because eating out at night is more of a production, you know, the appetizer, the main event, the dessert, the wine, the coffee and I can never say no to cheese.

Breakfast, brunch and lunch are more casual, less complicated.  There is less expectation and less stuffy waitstaff pompousness.  (I really don't like restaurants who make you feel they are doing you a favour just by seating you.  Take note.  I am a big eater, a generous tipper and I have a few places on my shit list because of crap service.  Treat every customer as your most fierce critic and with the same respect).  Phew!  That felt good to get that out.  Wow, do you think I have felt a little unloved in some places?

So yes, twice this week I have treated myself to breakfast!  I guess things are looking up as far as the weather is concerned to be able to say I have been up and about!  (Well, where there is the promise of food, it is a great motivator for me). 

I am off to NYC in five weeks time and I am so excited.  I have included photos within this blog entry of my two favourite places to brunch, purely because I can never get myself moving in time to eat there during breakfast hours.  (Thankfully they do all day breakfast!).  They are Kitchenette in Harlem and The Clinton Street Baking Co, Downtown (Somewhere... use your fancy phone and a tricky subway commute to find it, you won't be disappointed).  I love the Turkey sausage at Kitchenette, so crispy, sticky and salty, while the French toast with maple butter at Clinton St is to die for.  Seriously if I were Cleopatra, I would bathe in that stuff every day.

Until next time,  I wish your eggs to be scrambled soft and silky and your bacon to be crispy.

Kitty xx

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  1. That all sounds Yummy! And you ARE worth treating yourself, Miss Kitty P.! Cool that New York is only just over a month away!

    As always, looking forward to your Culinary, and "Ordinarily-Extraordinary" Adventures!