Sunday, February 13, 2011

Paris, Anyone?

I have always loved the thrill of a big city.  There is just nothing like the buzz you get from the feeling of being within the Metropolis, especially when you have lived most of your life away from the hustle and bustle.

In my 20's it was always my dream to go to New York City.  I just got back from my sixth visit - I am enamoured by the place.  I feel I need to keep the dream alive and think about other places I would like to visit, such as Paris.

I almost cringe when I say I want to go to Paris because I know for the most part, it is such a cliché.  Only, it just never lost its style.  I mean, Bogie told Ingrid Bergman, "We'll always have Paris" in Casablanca.  For a line to be so famous in a movie, that has to mean something!

I recently read a book 'Lunch in Paris' by Elizabeth Bard (2010 Harper Collins).  It is a sweet memoir of an American girl and a French guy.  They love to cook, to eat, then voila! - they fall in love. What makes this book so delicious is that not only is it a story about their love, it is also a culinary journey of their relationship, with each chapter ending with recipes.  

How wonderful is it, to not only find your soul mate, but for them to love food as much as you do...  And for it to all happen in Paris... *Swoon*

All this buzz about Paris has sparked an interest in Julia Child.  I am not all that interested in the Julie/Julia phenomenon, but I admit, it was the catalyst.  The real Julia was so honest and endearing.  You can't help but feel at ease and at home with her advice on how to cook.  I am still to make her famous 'Boeuf Bourguignon', but winter will be here soon enough...

My French Revolution is also thanks to David Lebovitz and his blog 'Living the sweet life in Paris'.  He is giving me hunger pangs to travel to this suddenly exotic and must-see locale. David's blog has also introduced me to the recipes of Dorie Greenspan, who's French Apple Tea Cake must be tasted to be believed...

I imagine riding around the city by bicycle, to stop for an impromptu picnic of cheese and Champagne near the Eiffel Tower and looking (as well as sounding) ridiculously foreign.  Mostly I am just salivating over all the fabulous things I plan  to eat, after shopping at all the Patisseries, Boulangeries and Charcuteries...

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship... Would you like pommes frites with that?

Until next time... (au revoir)

Kitty xx

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  1. Hey Kitty, as part of my sobriety list, I'm currently trying to learn French, so I'll come to Paris with you! :).....I could tie it in with a visit to KJ, as I still haven't made it over there to see her haha!