Monday, October 4, 2010

Where have Yuzu been all my life?

Here I am in New York City.  It is my favourite place to crash.  (Yes I do enjoy how pretentious that sounds).  It is such a diverse city with so many different cultures and cuisines.  It's the city that never sleeps - and thanks to the Manhattan Diner, if you are hungry, you can always rely on them being open 24/7.  (They do a pretty good Reuben too by the way...)

New York appeals to the mindless wanderer within me.  I can walk for hours and hours, just looking at the buildings or sitting in the park, or just people watching in general.  It is a great place to watch others while you take time to smell the roses, or to catch your breath.

One of the best things about my walks is that they have lead me to many a sweet treat along the way.  What better reward for hours of walking?  Bakery treats!

So now I introduce you to my latest TriBeCa find - The Takahashi Bakery.  It is a very clean, modern and sleek establishment.  The desserts - oh so sweet!  I was marvelling over the display cabinet and trying to discreetly take pictures, while salivating wildly. I was tempted to try their pizza with lotus root, though was in the mood for something sweet.

I bought a red bean bun to go and ordered a Yuzu Tart.  I had never heard of Yuzu before.  It is an Asian citrus, much like lemon.  I have never tasted it on its own, so I can't really give you a really honest interpretation of the flavour, but let me try and describe the tart to you...

The pastry was very short and crisp.  Once I bit into the tart, I enjoyed a soft, velvety custard which was not too tangy, and not too sweet.  It was the most delicious citrus tart I have ever tasted.  I couldn't believe I had to travel half-way around the world to find pastry nirvana! 

I think what I enjoyed most was that the citrus flavour was so smooth.  It didn't have that pucker that some lemon curd desserts can give you.  There was the perfect balance - which is such a skill to be able to perfect.  This bakery had it bang on.  I can't wait to go back!

So when I am back in Australia, I know I am going to be yearning for Yuzu.

Until next time...

Kitty xx

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